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Strategy and Governance



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We have an Experience Director who is part of the Management Team.

We have a precise roadmap for improving Experience.

There is a dedicated team in the company to improve Employee and/or Customer Experience.

The digital side is an important part of our Experience improvement strategy.

We always seek to simplify our customer's life by using new digital tools.

Our Employee Experience is as important as our Client Experience in our Company.

We have a dedicated budget to improve Customer/Employee Experience (financials, time, tools...).

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Our Customer Journey is well documented and shared.

We use collaborative methodology to understand our clients and find innovative ideas.

We have regular Workshops to improve our Customer Experience.

Our customer service behaviour is well defined and known by our employees.

Customers participate in creating our offers.

Our processes are simplified by digital tools.

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Understand insights



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Our Clients' satisfaction is regularly measured.

Our Clients' Effort Score is measured.

We collect and analyse Customer and Employee data, believing that they are linked to each other.

Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is measured.

The support teams measure the internal clients' satisfaction rate.

We have a dashboard to analyse all Experience data.

We know the motivations and long-term goals of our employees.

We measure our staff's satisfaction.

I know what Experience data means.

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We have a document showing the objectives and actions to improve our Experience.

The staff in direct contact with clients is regularly trained for Excellence in Customer Service.

Our Managers motivate their teams while focusing them on Customer Experience.

Managers use at least 10% of their time to improve the Customer and Employee Experience.

Support teams and back office staff are regularly trained for Customer Service.

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Impact measurement



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We know and monitor the essential KPIs of Experience.

We measure the ROI of investing in Experience.

Each team has at least one objective regarding Customer's Satisfaction.

Internal Successes are praised and rewarded.

Our company is recognized by CX-EX awards and trophies.